Urology Unbound is a non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and promoting Black urologists.


Our Story

The organization was born from a grassroots effort by Black urology residents and fellows who recognized the upcoming novel virtual interview season caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which would likely disproportionately disadvantage Black medical students. Virtual programs, panel discussions, and resource sharing quickly evolved into residency application reviews, mock virtual interviews, and mentorship. This effort, now called the R Frank Jones Urology Interest Group, became the flagship pipeline program of the Organization.



The vision of Urology Unbound is to increase the representation of Black surgeons within the field of urology. Black urologists represent less than 2% of the approximately 13,000 urologists practicing in the United States. Currently, there are less than 300 Black urologists in the U.S., approximately 20% of whom are currently in training. This is a large disparity considering the Black population in the U.S. is 13.4%, and many urologic diseases disproportionately affect Black patients.


Urology Unbound collaborates with academic and community health care systems, medical societies, and industry partners to provide education, research, networking opportunities, and mentorship for future and current Black urologists.

Urology Unbound aims to partner with allied urological societies, medical schools, and residencies to enhance the educational environment within urologic training programs, thus making programs more inclusive and supportive for Black medical students and trainees.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase the population of Black urologists who endeavor to dedicate their careers to eliminating urologic health inequities within their communities.

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